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Heaven at Hand - Unlocking God's Kingdom

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”Heaven At Hand introduces simple principles that each believer must adopt to experience God’s Kingdom come on earth… These fundamental principles govern the culture of heaven and therefore also heaven’s coming on earth.” – Reverend Dr. William Vun, Founding Senior Pastor, Glory Christian Church, Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

Imagine receiving keys to unlock heaven on earth. Imagine unleashing God’s authority wherever you go. Imagine living as if Heaven is at Hand. The Good News is that Jesus placed heaven in our reach. This book explores twelve Master Keys to unlock heaven on earth until earth takes on the shape of heaven. It reveals simple truths that govern life in God’s universe and place heaven within reach.

This book will train you to encounter the invisible reign of Jesus Christ. It will teach you to unlock the authority of God’s kingdom in your life. It will empower you to live with Heaven at Hand.

Jan is a husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, leader and friend. He’s passionate about empowering men, entrepreneurs and leaders with passion, purpose and ageless governing principles. He’s authored various books, including Power To Create Wealth, Relentless Love and You Shall Receive Power. Together with Katinka he’s been blessed by three wonderful children, namely Jabin, Daniel and Lianelle.

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