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Power to Wealth - The Biblical Blueprint for Abundant life

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God offers us abundant life which includes the areas of health, wealth, and relationships. Sadly, many people are robbed in these areas. God has every intention to equip you with the power to create wealth, but not at the cost of your health of relationships. Our current financial, health and relational realities are the direct result of our own decisions up to now. If we desire a better future we need to make better decisions, that demand a different type of wisdom – God’s wisdom. This book observes ageless Biblical Blueprints to create wealth. If any of the following statements relate to you, then this book is definitely for you…

Are you struggling to survive from month-to-month?
Do you feel you work all month just to pay debtors?
Are you perhaps concerned that you won’t have sufficient provision for retirement?
Do you feel that despite a good education and career you never seem to get ahead financially?
Do you you want to invest in the four enduring wealth currencies?
Do you desire to purchase your first or 20th property and leverage it to generate revenue?
Are searching for a greater purpose and meaning than just accruing riches and wealth?
Are you perhaps already wealthy, yet struggle in the area of health of relationships?
Have you ever desired to be so blessed that you become a blessing to others?

Jan serves as Senior Pastor at City of Hope Church Kimberley with a mandate to discipleship all people to encounter God. express His Love, and become empowered to the extend God's kingdom. Jan's wealth creation journey started nearly 30 years ago and is still in motion. Jan and Katinka are blessed with two dynamic boys named Jabin and Daniel, as well as a gorgeous girl named Lianelle. Their primary devotion is to serve their generation with the will and purposes of God. They're passionate about assisting you to enter all God has for your life!

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