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HOPE Centre

Our HOPE CENTRE offers seminars, programs and personal support that empowers you to develop a healthy heart and home. These opportunities include:


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“During the Relentless Retreat I placed people who cheated me in business, in the ‘River of God’s Mercy’. The following week, out of nowhere, three of them contacted me to apologize and make things right! I recommend the Relentless Retreat to every person!” Danie


Attending the ‘Relentless’ course was in a word ‘Life-changing’. When I got born again in 1995, the first person God told me to forgive was my Father. He’d left my mom when I was 17 and I’d had to leave university to get a job to support my family. I always said he’d never get to know his grandchildren and I didn’t speak to him for about 5 years. I thought I’d moved on but realized in the first minutes of Relentless that I was still carrying unforgiveness and resentment which I was able to release. Today, when I tell my Dad I love him, I can actually mean it. The rest of the weekend helped me identify why I had struggled most of my life with lack of Identity and destiny. One of the most powerful moments for me was when Pastor Johan prayed for us


The relentless series was an absolute gem of a seminar. It opened my eyes regarding the actual love the Father has for us. The way in which our relationships with those around us work and influence about our Father issues and stood in the gap as my dad and asked for my forgiveness. The Holy spirit moved in my heart in such a profound way. I’d invited 2 young people to join me on the course. One of them had a recently strained relationship with her father and my Nephew who has never met his Dad. It was a mighty encounter with our Heavenly Father for both of them as well. All of us carry some sort of pain or damage from our childhood and only an intervention from our Saviors love can restore us. This course will blow your mind. Neal Moralee, Heal Ministries our perceptions regarding God was also fabulous. I would recommend this for anyone, but for people who have had any trauma it is an absolute MUST. Freddy


I feel closer to God after doing the Relentless conference this year. It is such a relaxed format and authentic atmosphere . I was really able to focus on my own obstacles and deal with childhood issues with the help of the Holy Spirit. I would highly recommend anyone attends this course to ensure you get healing from pain and unforgiveness so that you will be useful and fruitful and not hurt other people around you. God was right there waiting for me to ask for help. I took time off work and worried about the consequences but it turned out to be such a blessing to my workplace in return. Thank you to all the organisers for your trouble . May we all get an ever deepening comprehension of God’s true love. Kathy