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Prisoners of Hope - 28 Days of Hope

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This masterpiece introduces a life-changing journey to shift your anchor from circumstances to the very nature of God’s unconditional goodness… After reading PRISONERS OF HOPE, I decided to prescribe the study of this book to all my counselee. – Pastor Johan van Reenen, Founder Family Transformation Centre Bloemfontein

Cover-to-cover this book activates hope as a powerful, dynamic, energising and life-giving force that breaks the hold of disappointment, despair and depression. I see Prisoners of Hope becoming a powerful personal and work resource for me, one that I will keep referring back to. -Dr. Fiona Leibrandt, Practising Phycologist

Jan is a husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, leader and friend. He’s passionate about empowering men, entrepreneurs and leaders with passion, purpose and ageless governing principles. He’s authored various books, including Power To Create Wealth, Relentless Love and You Shall Receive Power. Together with Katinka he’s been blessed by three wonderful children, namely Jabin, Daniel and Lianelle.

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